The Way

   We are of the opinion that if good is to prevail, current religious dogmas must be discarded. Some of the great prophets of the past undoubtedly disseminated their ideas and values with the express purpose of returning their respective societies to a basic, fundamental truth that they believe had been lost over time (hence why certain religions, e.g. Islam, refer to new followers as “reverts” instead of “converts”), but the unfortunate truth is that, contrary to what many religious devotees believe, no religion is immune from internal corruption. In fact, it is very often the case that religions begin the process of corruption the very moment that the founder dies. This is only natural. We simply cannot expect the lofty standards that a single individual of outstanding quality sets, to be upheld by a larger society that by definition deals in averages. Especially when there is no longer a trusted founder to set the record straight.

   But we are here to do just that, and that requires us to define our religious worldview clearly and succinctly. Firstly, our worldview is uncompromisingly dualistic. Good and Evil are two entirely separate and distinct forces, one having nothing to do with the other. For good in its truest form to remain purely good, it must only beget good and not evil. By that same token, nothing good can ever come out of evil. To claim that a force of evil (commonly known as the Devil or Satan) ultimately derives from God himself, compromises the very essence that we believe God is meant to represent. Either perspective leaves unanswered questions, but it is better for us to question the omnipotence of an all-loving god, than for us to question the goodness of an all-powerful one.

   Lastly, our worldview is inherently gnostic. “Gnosticism” is a very ill-defined term among scholars, but for the purposes of our movement, any sect or individual that assesses a hypothetical creator god negatively, theistic or non-theistic, religious or non-religious, is on our side. We do not enjoy being here in this limited world of imperfection and suffering any longer than we need to. As knights of the Grail, our mission is to defend justice until the day when warriors of the Faith are no longer needed, and all living beings can safely reunite with the Good.