What is the purpose of this website?

To bring together those on the quest for the metaphorical Grail, and more specifically, those who resemble any candidates worthy of finding it.

If this side of the Grail is metaphorical, what does the Grail symbolize?

The unattainable perfection, and therefore level of nobility, to which all true knights strive. The contents of the cup, I believe, can be said to symbolize the true hidden teachings of the Christ, which can only ever be fully understood by those who have made the journey, although there’s something to be said about the possibility that nobody could ever be worthy enough to complete that journey.

What is the Christ, exactly?

It’s an archetype that all have the potential to access from within themselves. Most importantly it is the pure God essence that makes up our spirit, as we all descend from one source. The self is an illusion, and so is our concept of multiplicity. But more practically, it is our divine twin free of delusion and attachment, who has come to know the truest hidden wisdom. This archetype is far from a solely Christo-Islamic one. It’s the same archetype that the Buddha (“buddha” simply means “awakened one”) centered his teachings around.

What is a knight, outside of the quest for the Grail?

The archetypal hero, willing to put an end to all violence by any means necessary. This may very well mean having to defeat the enemy with this same weapon brought forth into the world. If you believe that a conceivable end to all violence and suffering far outweighs the means to get there, so long as we don’t forget our true purpose along the way, then you’re one of us.

Qualities that we look for in a Grail knight

•universally compassionate: Must disavow any and all violence, whether it be committed against human or non-human.

•anti-tribal: Any and all identitarianism and sectarianism, ethnic or otherwise, is to be discarded. Our loyalty belongs to the noble few with the same cause, regardless of their place of origin, background, or status.

•anti-natal: Ultimately, all violence and suffering we fight against is made possible solely through reproduction.

•gnostic: Stemming from this, no follower of a creator god can be a genuine ally in the strictest sense. We’ve invaded this realm to undo the Devil’s creation from within. Atheism is a respectable position to hold among our members. We only ask your position to be that, should there be a creator god, he is the evil one.

•idealistic: No nation or people in all of written history, as far as we know, has ever been truly great. Perhaps respectable in a few defining aspects, but never great, and always far from perfect. Which brings me to…

•radical: Revolutionary, rather than conservative or traditional. See above.

•militaristic: A knight’s life matters, only insofar as the perpetuation of that life aids in the completion of our divine mission. No knight can ever be preoccupied with their own survival.

•neither masculine nor feminine: Both masculinity and feminity are inherently flawed conditions. Instead of accepting and appreciating those differences, as the traditionalists are prone to do, we recognize that divisions along the lines of sex or gender were merely another step towards confusion of the spirit, as well as, materialistically, confusion of the blood. Neither side holds a monopoly on nobility, and our critique of tribalism applies here as well. United we stand.

•childish: Maturation only ever brings callousness, and hence reduced emotional sensitivity. Our job is to flip the common societal paradigm on its head, and to avoid using the word “childish” as an insult.

•romantic: We will not be able to keep that flame of passion kindled, that passion that will lead us to victory, unless we remain lovers at heart. Lovers of all that the world should have been.