Calling All Knights

Well, this is it. The very first post on our fresh, new website. Everything that I say here will likely set the tone for the rest of this little subculture’s history, and all that I hope we’ll accomplish, so I’ll try to speak as thoughtfully as I would expect that our members would expect of me on such an occasion.

I started this inner circle in the hopes that it would spur a beacon of genuine positivity, genuine beauty, genuine and impartial compassion, and genuine nobility of character manifested in the real world. If not to make wide-sweeping change with a perceivable and unignorable impact, then at the very least to remind people of what the world could be, if a massive chunk of humanity weren’t actively preventing it from being so. Our efforts may prove fruitless and fade almost instantly into the backdrop as most inspiring people and good deeds tend to do, but even a simple reminder is important when social media and the news throw a constant barrage of instances of peoples’ moral failings that serve as reminders of the opposite, and inevitably demotivate even good people with innate potential. We should do what we do, not asking “How impactful will this ultimately be?”, but as if we mean to say “We are still here. We have always been here. And we will be here forever, as few in number as we may be.”

If reality’s flood wishes to destroy our idealistic achievements, and our efforts at defending such achievements from the ensuing torrent fail, then so be it. The only reason why reality and dreams are set at odds, is because those lacking in character and idealism refuse through their own free will to set themselves as an example. And the more people that actively refuse, the more that the rest of us begin to ask “Well why should I make the effort when nobody else will?” This is the root of all complacency. But the good news is that this root is within you, and nowhere else. Anyone who makes an active effort to not be part of the flood can easily cut it out. We can at least take solace in this. It is no wonder that the conquest of the self is almost unanimously considered the greatest conquest by the founders and followers of the world’s noblest faiths.

Speaking of faiths, while my politics are ultimately inseparable from my religious beliefs, and I certainly encourage any amount of political discussion, this website will have more of a spiritual slant than other similar spheres on the internet. Our task is to uncover the one true hidden wisdom, and not only actively apply our experiences from such a monumental task into the real world, but to actively defend such wisdom if need be. Much of our work on this website will also consist of sifting through the rubble of the world’s notable religions, and taking the good while discarding any bad. Whether the “bad” exists due to later corruption through no fault of their respective prophets and/or early followers, or whether the “bad” exists simply because of the innate character of the religion, is irrelevant. Most importantly of all, we are by no means religious egalitarians. We believe in one path to salvation and one message. We do not intend to unite belief systems that are inherently incompatible. If you would like to learn more about this website’s purpose and what is expected of you as an archetypal knight, you can visit our about page.

May love and compassion guide you.

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